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    How much does your PEO cost?

    Unbundle rates, Eliminate additional fees and Unneeded services. PEO Advantage saves you money—guaranteed.

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    Workers comp costing you a bundle?

    We’re experts in finding affordable coverage for high-risk work environments.

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    Worried about risk?

    Risk-free, hassle-free savings on performance-driven employee-leasing solutions you can trust.

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Our Guarantee

Get the perfect PEO and save—guaranteed. You can't lose with America's premiere PEO Broker! FREE PEO Quotes. If you find a PEO that offers better coverage and rates than our platform of hundreds of PEOs, we will pay you $100!


Save 25%

Save up to 25% a year on custom-fit HR solutions. See how our solid industry partnerships, 50-plus years of experience, proprietary reverse auction RFP process and expert negotiation skills consistently save clients up to 25%.


Hassle Free

Find the right PEO—without all the work. From the in-depth evaluation and independent references to translating complex PEO quotes into easy-to-read comparisons complete with cost and savings details, we manage it all.


Your Partner

Get a real business partner, not just a PEO broker. Our proven systematic yet personal approach works every time. Plus we monitor results and conduct annual reviews so your HR solutions deliver value year-after-year.


I just wanted to share with you that my experience with PEO Advantage was so enlightening! The results of your blind bid and reverse auction process speak for themselves. Thank you so much for saving our restaurant over $30k this year!

~ Bill Thompson


Hire the PEO broker who guarantees results and consistently saves clients 25%.

You know when it comes to HR solutions, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) improve productivity, reduce liability and save money. But with more than 700 PEOs across the country, each with different specialties, finding the best one is a full-time job.

Who has time to weed through 25-page proposals full of marketing fluff from half a dozen providers to pull out the key points? Have a PEO but tired of rate increases, switching every year or settling for les? Chances are, you’re paying way too much in PEO admin fees.

Get HR solutions guaranteed to save you on your PEO administration rates— and our Quotes are FREE!

Finding efficient, affordable HR solutions takes time even when you know what to look for. PEO Advantage does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business. And, unlike most PEO brokers who simply churn out quotes and only care about PEO commissions, we work for you to find the right HR solutions for your specific needs. Making sense of PEO quotes—what’s included, which charges don’t apply, and how they compare with your current costs—takes technology, expertise and a proven system for success.

PEO Advantage clients consistently save 25% on HR solutions. How do we do it?

First, we perform a rigorous evaluation to identify exactly what you need—including a master policy health insurance analysis. Then we compile all your pertinent data, define a success strategy and match up your requirements against our solid network of top PEOs. Count on us to leverage our proprietary reverse auction RFP process and top-notch negotiation skills to get you the best possible rates. We do all the work and you get an easy-to-read side-by-side comparison that clearly shows the value and savings with each option—but we don’t stop there. With PEO Advantage, you get a true business partner who monitors results and performs annual reviews so your HR solutions keep pace with your changing needs.

HR solutions costing you too much?

Having a tough time getting workers comp or paying a fortune for coverage? PEO Advantage specializes in high-risk and other challenging business scenarios. Already have a PEO? If your admin fee is more than 1.5% we know we can save you money.

Don’t settle for commission-hungry sales reps who dump ten-page quotes on your desk and call it a day. PEO Advantage works overtime to manage the process for you and turn complex quotes into business intelligence so you make the best possible choice—guaranteed. You can’t lose with our PEO Fee Guarantee—if we don’t find you a PEO solution that saves you money we will pay you $100.

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