Let’s Talk PEOs!

Welcome to our blog, where we focus on you. Whether you are a client of PEO Advantage, or just a curious reader, we want you to be informed.  Finding the perfect employee leasing solution, that will change, evolve and help you realize your plans for the future requires knowledge.

Managing human resources doesn’t need to feel like work, and that’s why we’ve introduced PEO Advantage (www.PEOadvantage.com). We understand that managing human resources is challenging and time consuming, especially when you need to concentrate on growing your business. We also understand that your employees are your greatest asset! We make finding the right PEO and employee leasing solution easy with PEO Advantage, and we’re providing you with the facts you need to feel confident in your decisions.

While other PEO brokers may focus on commissions, you can count on us for industry knowledge, and employee leasing solutions that will save you time, money and headaches. We’re a real business partner and a friend, not just a PEO broker. If you have PEO industry questions, we have the answers. Join us each week, as we talk industry news, announcements, conferences, health insurance, payroll, compensation structures, workers comp, claims, technology, contracts and more! We’ll even offer valued advice, backed by our industry expertise and 50-plus years of business experience.

Sit back and enjoy a more powerful source for PEOs.  Feel free to check out our new Web site at www.PEOadvantage.com — If you have any questions, call PEO Advantage today at 813-251-3181.

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