Help! The Holidays are an HR Nightmare!

Despite the high costs of paid time off (PTO), companies offer this benefit to be competitive in attracting and retaining the best employees. Even the best employees need a break every now and then! Employees enjoy the benefits of PTO, whether that is in the form of vacation days, holidays, or personal leave because PTO allows them to relax and focus on non-work related activities, yet still receive a regular, fixed or a prorated amount of pay.

The holidays bring forth the most commonly used period of utilizing PTO, with employees extending their holiday trips or taking vacation time surrounding the holidays to extend their time away from the office.  For a business owner, this can be a very stressful time of the year. In addition to concentrating on your company’s operations, growth, and the year ahead, you now have to focus on HR administration and employee management. Is everyone eligible for vacation time? How long have they been working, do they get a full two weeks this year? How many days have they taken off already this year? With numerous employees requesting PTO this time of the year, keeping up with administration can quickly become a full time job for management.

HR administration and employee management come with a laundry list of policies, liabilities and costs—things that are likely outside your core expertise. Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) work with companies of all sizes, and can HELP manage vacation and PTO accrual. Specialized technology streamlines everything from payroll to benefits to managing an employee’s personal data.

Thousands of business owners have given themselves the gift of a PEO, to save themselves time and money. With a PEO, you may even have time to focus on your own holiday plans and take some time for yourself this holiday season! To save additional time and money, call up industry experts who know which PEO will be the best fit for your company based on your unique needs, goals, and budget. With PEO Advantage you can count on performance-driven, affordable employee leasing solutions that save you time and headaches. We do all the work to provide you with the facts you need to feel confident you’re making the best possible choice – which means that selecting a PEO requires no extra work from you, at this already busy-time of the year!

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