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Shopping for a PEO? Defining the Buyer’s Guide…

January 23rd, 2012

PEO Advantage offers the affordable and effective way to get FREE PEO quotes and find co-employment solutions you can count on. In all of our Plans, (Basic, Business & Enterprise) we offer access to and review  of the PEO Buyer’s Guide, as provided by the parent company FIRM Consulting Group. We work overtime to manage the Buyer’s Guide for you, and turn complex quotes into business intelligence so you can make the most well informed decision in selecting your best suited PEO partner .

The Buyer’s Guide is outlined as follows:   

  1. Compile a listing of your services and employee benefits requirements.
  2. Find PEOs that operate in your state and are licensed. Also find PEOs that are seeking your type of business.
  3. Notify qualified PEOs that you are seeking proposals. Provide each PEO with your list of requirements, benefits census and workers’ compensation claims history.
  4. Collect Proposals.
  5. Obtain References.
  6. Analyze, Evaluate and compare PEO proposals. Make your selection.


How PEO Advantage Manages the Process:

  1. Our evaluation reveals and prioritizes your current and future service requirements matching your company with only the PEOs that specialize in those service requirements.
  2. We match you with only PEOs that operate and are licensed in your locations. Our on-line matching process quickly identifies the PEOs that specialize in and understand your business. Hundreds of the nation’s top PEOs work with us.
  3. Our automated Request for Proposal (RFP) process provides your requirements to only the PEOs that meet your precise requirements. We provide automated distribution of your requirements and all pertinent data directly to each qualifying PEO, eliminating time spent responding to each data request.
  4. We assist in all coordination and follow through to quickly get competitive PEO proposals.
  5. We provide independent references from our base of clients who are using the PEOs you are considering.
  6. We compile all proposal data into a competitive analysis providing you with a side by side comparison of services and a full break down of all applicable costs. 


In addition to saving you time, money, and headaches by managing this process for you, you can’t lose with our PEO Fee Guarantee. If we don’t find you a PEO solution that saves you at least twice our analysis fess, your evaluation is on us.

Contact us today for more information on managing the Buyer’s Guide.

Employee Wellness Programs, Another PEO Advantage!

January 17th, 2012

Do you want happier, more productive employees? Reduced health insurance costs? Improved company morale?  If the answer is yes, you can ask your company’s professional employer organization (PEO) about implementing an Employee Wellness Program.  If your organization does not currently work with a PEO, consider the following advantages. While implementing an Employee Wellness Program can be done on your own, PEOs save valuable time, money, and administration.

Employee Wellness Programs used to be considered “nice to have,” but they are now seen as strategic programs that yield cost savings, increased productivity and employee retention.  With exponential increases in health insurance, stress and severe declines in the overall health of Americans, companies have recognized that it is more effective to prevent rather than treat illness.  This has resulted in the implementation of Wellness Programs in nearly four in ten companies according to MetLife’s 8th Annual Employee Benefits Trends Study. Wellness Programs encompass physical, mental and social health initiatives that provide employees with the resources to prevent long-term issues by implementing lifestyle changes. 

According to a recent study conducted by Trust for America’s Health, investing just $10 per person annually in preventative wellness programs including exercise, nutrition and smoking cessation could yield $16 billion per year in savings in another five years.  Not only do Wellness Programs yield extensive cost savings, employees become more effective, happier and engaged which results in increased productivity in business operations.

While the benefits are undeniable, implementing a Wellness Program that delivers these results can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Fortunately, PEOs have recognized this and many are offering various types of Wellness Programs that allow you to leverage all of the benefits for your employees without any of the stress!   PEO Advantage is available to help you define your needs and find a PEO that can support you. If you’re currently working with a PEO that does not offer Employee Wellness Programs, contact us for help in finding an alternative solution!

Calling All Staffing Companies!

January 9th, 2012

Did you know that staffing companies and PEOs make great partners?   Few staffing companies are human resources professionals—they’ve got their own specialized and profitable services to focus on! PEOs help unload increasingly demanding governmental compliance issues, employee issues, administration and headaches. And, staffing companies truly understand the benefits of outsourcing; they are after all a provider of outsourced services themselves.

So, what particuarly makes Staffing Companies and PEOs such a great fit? Well, for starters, workers compensation insurance: if you work within a high risk industry, you know very well about the astronomical costs of workers comp. Without solid coverage, staffing companies’ chances of winning bids are slim to none– but there is such thing as affordable insurance.

PEOs offer every advantage when it comes to minimizing your cost of workers comp, and there are no deposits or audits with convenient Pay-as-you-Go policies.  PEO Advantage can find you the ideal PEO partner—one who’s already licensed with established work comp policies so you can add employees and provide proof of insurance immediately . If a staffing company has clients who cross state lines, a PEO becomes an even stronger partner for the following reasons:

  1. Immediate access to work comp certification in any state.  Without a PEO the company would have to establish a new policy in each state where they intend to expand.
  2. Payroll taxes are assessed by some municipalities, most states and the federal government.  Making sure that deductions are taken accurately and employer taxes paid timely are critical for compliance.


Imagine a world where you could be relieved of such responsibilities, dedicating time back to working on revenue producing tasks.  PEOs offer on-time and accurate payroll, plus efficient claims processing through improvements in expertise and technology. Also, State Unemployment Taxes range from state to state and PEOs with established business entities in all states often have lower rates than those assigned to new business startups.  Classifying employees with the PEO can provide instant savings.

And last but not least, reduced rates on employee benefits plans. PEO Advantage, particularly, has wholesale access to over 100 nationwide PEOs, and all major medical and supplemental insurance carriers. Make more time to focus on growth, by partnering with a PEO—With payroll, workman’s comp claims, benefits and employee management under control you can finally put your growth plans in motion, and PEO Advantage can help you select the perfect fit. We’re the only PEO broker who will guarantee its clients a minimum of 25% cost reduction, too.

Interested? Call us today to talk about opportunities within the staffing industry!  877-636-9525.

Employment Trends for 2012

January 4th, 2012

Global leader in human capital solutions, CareerBuilder, recently announced that the year ahead will remain cautiously optimistic, according to their annual job forecast. Similar to 2011, nearly one-in-four hiring managers and human resources professionals plan to hire full-time employees in 2012. Small businesses particularly are expected to show much improvement over last year.

The four employment trends to watch for in 2012, as identified by CareerBuilder are as follows:

  • Compensation getting more competitive for skilled positions, increasing for both current employees and prospects.
  • Increased turnover: 30 percent of employers said they lost top performers in 2011 and 43 percent stated they are concerned top talent may leave their organization in the New Year.
  • More training: There is an increasing number of areas where the demand for skilled positions is outnumbering the supply. This will prompt employers in 2012 to conduct training– 38 percent plan to train either existing employees or new hires that do not currently have enough relevant experience.
  • More diversity: Diversity can bring a number of benefits to an organization, and 29 percent of employers said they will be focusing on recruiting a diverse workforce in 2012.

With exception of increased turnover, the 2012 trends are quite exciting for both employers and the workforce– certainly great news for both, and a lot to look forward to. But, as a hiring manager, human resources professional, or business owner, how do you stay compliant within all of these areas? With business moving so quickly, we’re certain you’ll have more important revenue-generating items to manage in 2012. A PEO lets you grow your business, by handling all of the suspected trends above.

Changing salaries? Putting together more competitive packages?  A PEO will handle payroll, claims, benefits and employee management.

Worried about increased turnover? PEOs help attract and retain top employees—Comprehensive benefits packages and recruiting assistance makes sure the right talent is hired AND stays put.

What about training? Certainly employees will need training, but does your HR staff or executive team have the time for that? PEOs typically provide professionally written employee handbooks and policies, which translate into clear expectations and peak performance. Many PEOs also deliver a wide array of online or instructor-led classes for employee development, workplace safety, functional skills, and improving computer, software and internet skills.

And, with more than 60 employment-related governmental regulations, compliance alone will be a full-time job when looking to diversify your workforce. If you are not prepared to manage and obtain your hiring goals this year, you’ll need a PEO to protect your business!

For more information on PEOs, or for help in selecting the right PEO for your organization, contact PEO Advantage today. Best of luck this year!