Employee Wellness Programs, Another PEO Advantage!

Do you want happier, more productive employees? Reduced health insurance costs? Improved company morale?  If the answer is yes, you can ask your company’s professional employer organization (PEO) about implementing an Employee Wellness Program.  If your organization does not currently work with a PEO, consider the following advantages. While implementing an Employee Wellness Program can be done on your own, PEOs save valuable time, money, and administration.

Employee Wellness Programs used to be considered “nice to have,” but they are now seen as strategic programs that yield cost savings, increased productivity and employee retention.  With exponential increases in health insurance, stress and severe declines in the overall health of Americans, companies have recognized that it is more effective to prevent rather than treat illness.  This has resulted in the implementation of Wellness Programs in nearly four in ten companies according to MetLife’s 8th Annual Employee Benefits Trends Study. Wellness Programs encompass physical, mental and social health initiatives that provide employees with the resources to prevent long-term issues by implementing lifestyle changes. 

According to a recent study conducted by Trust for America’s Health, investing just $10 per person annually in preventative wellness programs including exercise, nutrition and smoking cessation could yield $16 billion per year in savings in another five years.  Not only do Wellness Programs yield extensive cost savings, employees become more effective, happier and engaged which results in increased productivity in business operations.

While the benefits are undeniable, implementing a Wellness Program that delivers these results can be overwhelming and time consuming.  Fortunately, PEOs have recognized this and many are offering various types of Wellness Programs that allow you to leverage all of the benefits for your employees without any of the stress!   PEO Advantage is available to help you define your needs and find a PEO that can support you. If you’re currently working with a PEO that does not offer Employee Wellness Programs, contact us for help in finding an alternative solution!

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