Hey You! Careful Up There on the Roof!

The roofing industry as a whole has quite a few exposures to loss– and believe it or not, they aren’t all up on the roof! As the owner of a roofing company, you have likely encountered losses include employee injury, vehicle accidents, liability claims, and even third party claims by other company’s employees.

You know how to best protect your employees, but who’s there to protect you? Accidents do happen and while  workers compensation rates can literally be “through the roof,” PEO Advantage can help. If high-risk workers comp codes are demolishing your cash flow,  you’ll really appreciate our first-rate, affordable

With PEO Advantage, there are no  deposits or audits with our convenient Pay-As-You-Go Policies. You’ll see an immediate surge in your company’s cash flow since your premium is based on actual wages during that pay period, and by partnering with a PEO you’re not the only one that’s safer, your employees are too!

A PEO will file and track all claims, and manage safety reviews and OSHA compliance.  Many even offer professional assistance in offering clear expectations, easy-to-read handbooks and safety procedures for the roofing industry, all increasing job satisfaction and safety for your employees.

With PEO Advantage and a PEO partnership, roofing companies find peace of mind knowing that their risk is managed. So, be careful up there on the roof! And if you want to relax while you’re down on the ground, PEO Advantage can help. We’ll match you with the perfect PEO to further ensure savings, and most importantly, safety in the workplace.

Contact us today…  If we don’t find you a PEO solution that saves you at least twice our analysis fee—your evaluation is on us.

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