5 Signs That Your Company May Be Ready for a PEO!

Thousands of business owners choose to hire a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, to save time and money – But a PEO isn’t always the crystal clear solution. There comes a time in the life of most growing businesses when a decision has to be made as to whether or not certain HR and employee management related tasks can be handled in-

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If you have come to this point, and are not sure whether or not you need the assistance of a PEO, answering “YES” to any of these questions below may point you in the right direction!

  1. Are you in “HR Overload?” If HR and employee management tasks are taking a  toll on your IT resources, and yourself, it may be time to offload to a PEO. PEOs work more efficiently, utilizing additional technologies, and enabling your company to go back towards focusing on its core (and profitable) services.
  2. Are you experiencing multiple mistakes in the workplace? Errors are signs that employees are being stretched beyond their limits- perhaps even you are being stretched beyond your knowledge or workload capacity. A PEO is responsible for making your company’s HR Department as foolproof as possible, and specializes in delivering expert services when it comes to employee management of all kinds.
  3. Do you have nightmares about lawsuits? Are you in a high risk industry? With a PEO, responsibilities and liabilities are shared. PEOs take the appropriate precautions to avoid dangers in the workplace. As the client of a PEO, your business is covered when it comes to workers compensation insurance or liability insurance.
  4. Are the bills piling up? Rising costs in payroll, benefits, administration and more are signs that a PEO may be a more cost effective solution. PEOs are known for reducing HR-related costs. At PEO Advantage, if we don’t find you a PEO solution that saves you at least twice our analysis fee—your evaluation is on us.
  5. Do your competitors use PEO services? If so, your competitors have freed up their time to specialize and focus on more profitable activities – stay ahead of the competition!


If you are currently trying to determine whether or not you should outsource to a PEO, please call us today: 877-636-9525.

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