Employment Law 101 – What is USERRA?

PEOs are up to date on ALL employment laws and regulations (both state and federal) and with a co-employment relationship comes peace of mind since the client and the PEO contractually share employer responsibilities and liabilities.  Join us for our 5 part series, as we dive deeper into employment law – Are you equipped to manage compliance in-house? Do you already know about the following laws? Do they apply to your business?

What is USERRA?

USERRA, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, prohibits employer discrimination based on military service or obligation. So, if a service member returns from a period of uniformed service, their reemployment rights are protected.

Through the Department of Labor and the Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, the USERRA Advisor helps Veterans understand their employee eligibility, job entitlements, employer obligations, benefits and more. Did you know that employers are required to provide all persons entitled to the rights and benefits of USERRA a notice of these rights, as well as benefits and obligations?

How a PEO Can Help Stay in Compliance:

As you may have noticed in these past few weeks of reviewing employment law and regulations, HR administration and employee management come with a laundry list of policies and liabilities – and unfortunately, mistakes are costly and can lead to lawsuits or claims.

In addition to managing more than 60 employment-related governmental regulations, PEOs assist clients with recruitment, and also improve communication for your employees. PEOs provide improved access to benefits information, personnel data, workers’ rights, and more – and are always sure to review which benefits apply to whom.

Do you currently employ Veterans? Are you in the midst of hiring? There is a PEO that’s the perfect fit for you, and will save you the hassle of having to stay up to date on all existing employment laws and regulations.

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