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The HRO Industry… Growing, and Growing, and Growing…

July 30th, 2012

Global Industry Analysts, Inc, a worldwide business strategy  and market intelligence company, recently released its global strategic business report on the human resources outsourcing (HRO) market.

The growing market for human resources outsourcing is expected to reach $199.6 billion by the year 2017! According to Global Industry Analysts, the recent increase in demand for human resources is driven by the need for companies to align business operations with HR.  As compliance pressures and the complexity of business processes become increasingly difficult, many companies are calling in the professionals!

Other significant reasons companies are engaging in co-employment relationships and human resources outsourcing is cost reduction, policy framework, and access to specialized technologies.  Growth is not limited to the US either; HRO is now a global market. Continental European markets, the UK and Asia are all expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years, as more organizations recognize that outsourcing components of human resources increases efficiency and reduces costs

By employing the services of “HR experts,” companies can gain significant cost reductions without affecting the overall quality of operations. Business continues as usual, with the one exception that HR is streamlined and improved!

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Best of all, PEO Advantage does all the work to provide you with the facts you need to feel confident you’re making the best possible choice. We go beyond your basic requirements of today to find you a PEO that will change, evolve and help you realize your plans for the future.

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SMILE! HR Solutions for Dentists!

July 25th, 2012

Are you a busy dentist or medical professional operating your own practice, but in over your head with human resources? Even with an HR professional or two on staff, managing human resources can be very overwhelming.

PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) are well aware that your employees are your greatest asset. They also understand how challenging human resources can be when you’re trying to run a profitable practice. Fortunately, finding the right PEO and HR solutions is easy with the help of PEO Advantage. Dentists, as well as other medical practices across the country rely on PEO Advantage for performance-driven, affordable PEO solutions that save them time, money and headaches.

Here are some common yet frustrating HR scenarios dentists often face …

  • Health insurance rates have increased again this year… what if I can no longer provide all employees with benefits? How will I attract and retain top employees?
  • Who is going to protect me and my practice in the event of a costly fine or employee lawsuit?
  • I need to focus on my practice and patients, but overseeing payroll each week is time consuming. So is employee administration!
  • I close my practice several times throughout the year to attend continuing education or trade association events. If the office is closed for several days, can this be designated as mandatory vacation time for employees? What about designating it as unpaid time off if an employee has already used their vacation time?
  • There are than 60 employment-related governmental regulations!?  Is my practice in compliance?!

Why not rest assured knowing that your practice’s payroll, workman’s comp claims, benefits and employee management are all under control? By partnering with a PEO, you can finally put your growth plans in motion. To hear more about the PEO relationship and HR outsourcing, directly from a dentist, we suggest reading this great article by Dr. Lorin Berland, DDS: Outsourcing Turns HR Nightmares.

Call us today or click here to request more information! Best of all, PEO Advantage will do all of the work to provide you with the facts you need to feel confident in making the best possible choice. We go beyond your basic requirements of today to find you a PEO that will change, evolve and help you realize your plans for the future.


PEOs in the News: Hawaii

July 17th, 2012

Governor Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii has vetoed a bill that would have placed restrictions on professional employer organizations operating within the state of Hawaii.  The aforementioned Senate Bill 2424 would have increased fees for PEOs, requiring human resources businesses to pay increased registration fees, produce audited financial statements and quadruple the bond requirement to conduct business in Hawaii. 

Under this bill, if the PEO failed to register or comply with all rules, penalties would be authorized for noncompliance.  Governor Abercrombie was quoted as saying that the bill was too broad and would impose restrictions too difficult for all PEOs to comply with (especially the smaller ones).  Several PEOs in Hawaii said the proposed rules and regulations would be so time consuming and costly they would be forced to shut down if the bill was passed.

PEOs vary in size, and many of the smaller PEOs make great partners for smaller US businesses due to their similarities and understanding of the small business model and their ability to provide cost effective payroll and human resources support, employee benefits and workers compensation
insurance.  With Governor Abercrombie’s veto last week, Hawaiian PEOs will continue to operate under the standard statutory requirements enacted by the legislature in 2012 that already provide a strong framework for PEOs operating in the state.  The current PEO statute protects consumer while empowering the PEO to save money, improve productivity and profitability, reduce risk and attract and retain top employees on behalf of their clients.

PEO Advantage works with PEOs of all sizes across the country, and we’re happy to hear that our PEO friends in Hawaii can go about business as usual. There are currently more than 800 PEOs in the United States, each with different specialties. PEO Advantage is skilled at finding the perfect PEO for businesses of all sizes.

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Employment Law 101- What is SWDA?

July 11th, 2012

Welcome to Part 5 of our 5 part series on employment law. Are you equipped to manage compliance in-house? Did you already know about the laws that we addressed? Do they apply to your business? As a reminder, PEOs are up to date on ALL employment laws and regulations (both state and federal) and with a co-employment relationship comes peace of mind.  If you don’t want to memorize an endless list of everchanging regulations, or, you’re unsure about some of the specifics and how they apply to your business, the co-employment relationship may be for you!

Employment Law 101- What is SWDA?

Introduced in 1976, the SWDA (Solid Waste and Disposal Act) is one of the many laws that fall under OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act). This Act protects workers against retaliation in the event that they complain to fellow employees, unions, OSHA, or other government organizations about the unsafe or unsanitary conditions of their workplace.

The SWDA is also called the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and provides technical and financial assistance for facilities that recover energy and other resources from discarded materials. It helps regulate the management of hazardous waste.  Under this Act, whistleblowers are protected from discrimination; they may not be transferred, denied a raise, be fired, or punished.

How a PEO Protects:

Regardless of what industry your company is in, employers are required by law to provide their employees with a safe work environment. Even one slip up or unsanitary working condition can be a violation of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards.

So how does an employer stay up to date with all of the requirements under the OSHA standards AND keep their employees safe?  The answer is simple: hire cost-effective and highly knowledgeable professionals—people that do this all the time! Many professional employer organizations (PEOs) allow you to outsource the OSHA compliance issues AND liabilities.

PEOs are familiar with the specific OSHA standards, and are great at communicating, reducing risk, and staying up to date with compliance. They can even perform inspections to make sure business is being conducted safely at all times.

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through 5 weeks of Employment Law 101. Compliance can quickly become a full time job, especially when you are responsible for numerous employees. To learn more about qualified PEOs in your area that can help offload stress and ensure workplace compliance, contact us.

Employment Law 101 – What is WARN?

July 9th, 2012

PEOs are up to date on ALL employment laws and regulations (both state and federal) and with a co-employment relationship comes peace of mind since the client and the PEO contractually share employer responsibilities and liabilities.  Join us for our 5 part series, as we dive deeper into employment law – Are you equipped to manage compliance in-house? Do you already know about the following laws? Do they apply to your business?

Employment Law 101 – What is WARN?

Introduced to protect workers and their communities, WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) requires that employers with 100 or more employees provide a 60-day calendar notification in advance of a mass layoff or plant closing.

WARN covers not only full-time employees, managers and supervisors, but also hourly workers. WARN does not cover those who have worked less than six months in the past year, or those who work less than 20 hours per week though. WARN also does not cover federal, state and local government entities that provide public services.

Although WARN is administered at the federal level, some states have laws of their own when it comes to plant closures or mass layoffs.

How a PEO Can Help:

All laws aside, most employers would prefer to give advance notice to their workers so that their workers and their families have adequate transition time to seek and obtain other jobs. But, it isn’t always that easy. How do you tell your employees you’re closing in 60 days? What if they seek other employment starting today? What if they leave right now? You may still need to operate at full capacity over the next two months.

A PEO can make this dreaded process easier for you. They provide helpful tips and best practices when it comes to legally hiring and firing, employment regulations, and saving you the hassle of costly lawsuits. While the PEO themselves may be willing to manage this process depending on the details of your co-employment contract, at the very least they will provide access to HR experts to assist you in this process.

For guidance on selecting the right PEO for your organization, contact PEO Advantage. Thanks to our solid industry partnerships, we pass our relationships and volume discounts directly on to you.