More HR Solutions for Florida Tow Truck & Repo Companies

Last week we took a then and now look at the Florida tow truck and repossession industry and how trends surrounding workers compensation insurance have affected Florida drivers.

While high-risk workers compensation insurance options may be the most attractive options drawing the business owner in to a PEO solution, PEOs come with many other aspects of added value!

Did you know that PEOs offer:

  • A way for tow truck and repossession company owners to save money: Not only will you save money on work comp, but you’ll also save on  services that help you employ the best employees: background checks, motor vehicle records, drug testing, and safety training. These services  support best practices and reduce turnover.  Wholesale access to these services, automation, compliance expertise and streamlined processes of PEOs all add up to huge savings!
  • Improved productivity and profitability: Does your company struggle to keep track of per diems, miles, hours and/or job distribution per agent?  Specialized technology streamlines payroll, benefits and managing personnel data. Professionally written employee handbooks and policies(surrounding safety as well) translate into clear expectations and peak performance.
  • More time to focus on your fleet’s growth: With payroll, worker’s comp claims, benefits and employee management under control you can
    finally put your growth plans in motion. You worry about keeping your trucks maintained and on the road, and your PEO partner will worry about all the administrative busy work.
  • Streamlined payroll and claims processing: Your shop employees and your agents/drivers will appreciate on-time and accurate payroll with online access to paystubs, w-2s and employee policies provided through improvements in expertise and technology.
  • More robust benefits: If you choose to take advantage of them, you and your drivers will gain cost efficient access to Fortune 500 quality group health insurance plans plus previously unavailable benefits such as 401(k), Section 125 plan and Flexible Spending!

Want to learn more about PEO solutions, programs and pricing? Give us a call today at 877-636-9525 or contact us online.  You can secure work comp coverage and great HR Solutions, but more importantly secure peace of mind when it comes to owning and operating your tow truck and/or repossession company!

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