Defining the JSIA – What Employers Need to Know

What is the JSIA?

The Jury Systems Improvement Act (JSIA) was established by Congress and protects employees against retaliation (by their employers) if they need to serve on a jury in federal court.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees do not require payment for time not worked, including jury duty. This type of benefit is generally arranged between the employer and the employee. While the federal law does not require payment of any kind to the employee serving on a federal court’s jury, some individual state laws require employers to continue paying employees.

What About State Jury Duty?

As mentioned above, the JSIA only applies to federal jury service, not state jury service, but nearly every state has passed a similar law protecting employees who serve on a jury for a state court.

For example, here is a component of Kentucky’s JSIA Law: When an employee is called to serve on a jury, the employee should be granted time off in order to serve as long as the employee is considered to be a regular/full-time employee. Employees serving on a jury will also continue to accrue vacation time and disability leave time, and continue to receive benefits during the duration of jury service.

Employers unaware of or in violation of the Jury Systems Improvement Act (at the federal or state level) can fall victim to costly lawsuits.  Are you up to date on employment law? If you’re a company who operates within multiple states, are you aware of each state’s specific JSIA regulations? Probably not! After all, learning the specifics of each state is a full time job in itself!

PEO Support

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