What is a Return to Work Program?

Workplace accidents can strike at any time, and bad accidents can often result in an employee injury and workers compensation claim.  Did you know that as each month goes by, your injured employee’s chances of returning to work significantly decreases?

How do we prevent losing a reliable and hardworking employee following a workplace injury? The answer is with a return to work program. Return to work programs are proactive plans initiated by an employer that are geared to help both the injured employee, and the workplace return to the previous economic, vocational and even social statuses that were present prior to the injury occurring. Without a particular employee’s knowledge and insight, your workplace could be suffering as well without them.

Professional Employer Organizations (also known as PEOs or Employee Leasing) assist employers in establishing proactive return to work programs that outline the following:

  • Maintaining workplace ties and communicating on a regular basis/preventing alienation.
  • Developing step by step transitional plans to eventually return to fulltime employment (beginning with part time employment/involvement).
  • Identifying what type of employee involvement would be most beneficial to have in the workplace.
  • A signed-off physicians report at each step, approving the employee’s new duties.
  • Establishing tasks that accommodate the employee’s limitations, not necessarily set hours and large projects.
  • Ways of establishing workplace support and encouragement.

Through the co-employment (PEO) relationship, PEOs also offer support in other critical areas surrounding workplace safety: workers compensation claims, workplace safety programs, OSHA compliance, loss prevention recommendations and safety reviews/auditing, just to name a few.

To learn more about the co-employment relationship and proactive plans for workplace safety, contact PEO Advantage. We provide risk-free HR solutions that really work!  Call 877-636-9525 or fill out an application today.

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