Missed the Jan 1 Deadline? PEO Contracts CAN Begin Feb 1!

You may have just missed the boat for a January 1 PEO contract, but contrary to common misapprehensions, you CAN easily begin a new PEO contract on February 1 versus waiting until January of next year.

Here are some common reasons for February 1 apprehension that we hear at PEO Advantage:

“My State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) and Federal Unemployment Tax periods restarted on January 1”

“I have already made January SUTA contributions and don’t want to be double taxed.” 

SUTA liability is different based on what state your business operates in, or more specifically, what state(s) your business has employees in. In some states where employers are taxed on just the first $7000 or $8000 in wages per employee like California and Florida, you very well may have already contributed to the state required maximum level.

But did you know that PEOs may be able to offer credits for taxes already paid? If you were interested in engaging a PEO just a few short months ago, why wait until next year to reap the many benefits? PEO Advantage clients save up to 25% a year on custom-fit HR solutions and there are 11 months left in 2013 to take advantage of this!

PEO Advantage manages the entire PEO selection process of securing quotes, making sure your requirements are crystal clear, and making sure you’re getting the best possible pricing.

Our team can negotiate credits on your behalf so that your options are still attractive, even if you’ve already made January 2013 tax contributions.

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