Training Incentives Make Learning Fun

Employee Training IncentivesNo matter what industry you’re in, you’ve likely encountered the need for employee training.

Today, there are an increasing number of areas where the demand for skilled positions is outnumbering the supply, and this has prompted more employers to conduct training – whether it’s training existing employees new skill sets or training new hires that don’t have quite have enough relevant experience at this time.

Many industries also call for safety training, which is serious business! If you’re doing business in a high risk industry, OSHA will eventually check your workplace’s safety and training records, and will even ask employees about specific information covered pertaining to their job.

The problem that many employers face with employee training is that it tends to be so tedious and boring! You want your employees to learn and thrive, and you certainly want them to pay attention when reviewing best practices for a safe and secure worksite, but how can you motivate adults to the point where they actually look forward to learning?

PEOs have always assisted companies in the creation and administration of safety plans and on-site learning environments, but today one type of program is becoming increasingly popular:  training incentives.

Do you have a 5-step safety program that needs to be completed by all employees? Quizzing your employees at the end of each step, and rewarding them for knowledge not only motivates them to learn the material, but also makes learning in the workplace a little bit more fun! Why not promote employee interaction and office morale by conducting programs over lunch.  Often referred to as a “lunch and learn,” serving food and beverage during the course of a learning activity can break down barriers to participation and promote employee interaction.

What is the goal of the incentive program? Is it to drive sales and other types of productivity measures or is it to help support the safest workplace possible for employees? Training incentives do not need to be cash, but they do need to be culturally appropriate and should support the overall compensation strategy and business goals.

Incentives should be valuable and quantifiable as the employee completes each level or advances because the end result is actually a win for the employer; you now have an employee that has increased the amount of value they bring to your company.

If you already work with a PEO, be sure to ask them about employee training incentives and how they can be incorporated into your workplace. If you need help selecting a PEO that is right for your company, or just need to know a little bit more about PEOs in general, feel free to contact the PEO experts at PEO Advantage.

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