3 Ways to Maximize Your Relationship with a PEO

3 Ways to Maximize Your Relationship with a PEOIf you already work with a PEO, you‘ve likely observed the general advantages: saving money, improving productivity and profitability, reducing risk, attracting and retaining top employees, more time to focus on growth and more!

But, there are a few smaller advantages to working with a PEO that aren’t as well-known. Here are 3 more ways you can really maximize the co-employment relationship, if you haven’t already!

1.  Added Perks for Your Employees: Many PEOs have added perks in addition to traditional benefits. These may include access to credit union membership, exclusive employee discounts and reduced rates on travel, entertainment and services. Be sure to ask your PEO about the perks of their purchasing power.

2.  Employee Handbooks: For HR managers and business owners alike, compiling an employee handbook is one of the most dreadful and tedious tasks. We bet your employee handbook hasn’t been updated in year…. has it? A PEO will tailor a customized handbook for your business to discuss benefits eligibility, paid time off, maternity leave, workplace attire, and more! Handbooks provide prevention and protection from legal liabilities, provide tangible guidelines for your employees, minimize employer/employee misunderstandings and provide comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions.

3.  Training: Because PEOs place a strong emphasis on workplace safety, OSHA, and compliance, you may have already had them on site to conduct some safety training. However, PEOs offer various types of training including but not limited to performance management training, team building training and interview and termination training—all educational opportunities that can improve the workplace. Why not take advantage?

To learn more about the many benefits associated with PEOs, contact PEO Advantage today.

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