Part 1 of 3: Ways PEOs Support Golf Course Businesses

Ways PEOs Support Golf BusinessesAre you a golf course business such as a country club, golf course or golf community? If so, you’re well aware of the everyday struggles your business type faces: expensive workers compensation premiums, managing employees across a wide spectrum of job types (landscapers, office personnel, maintenance, cooks, servers, event planners, etc), upcoming compliance issues regarding health care, the cost of health care, administration of payroll and HR …. And more!

At PEO Advantage, we recognize these struggles specific to the hospitality industry, which is why we’ve introduced a program specific to country clubs, golf courses and golf communities. We invite you to join us for our upcoming 3-part series on golf business-specific solutions, particularly: Workers Comp, Health Care, and Administration.

This week we’re starting off with workers comp…

The Challenge:

Golf businesses have a unique challenge in that they employ individuals across all spectrums; management, office personal, landscaping, restaurant & bar, grounds keeping, maintenance and more. Traditionally, all employees are lumped into a single workers comp code to standardize the cost, but the golf business suffers higher rates than a traditional office scenario, since they do in fact employ a few higher risk positions such as landscapers and groundskeepers.

Here’s How PEO Advantage Can Help:

PEO Advantage’s new program for golf businesses focuses on providing turnkey solutions through the PEO relationship. PEOs offer numerous advantages when it comes to minimizing the cost of workers’ comp. There are no deposits or audits with convenient Pay-As-You-Go policies and clients see an immediate surge in cash flow since their premium is based on actual wages during that exact pay period.

Additionally, PEOs file and track claims, make sure claims are legitimate, manage safety reviews and OSHA compliance, and offload time-consuming documentation and reporting activities.

But, there are 700+ PEO companies across the country – which one can deliver exactly what you need including low rates?  Through a series of more than 200 questions that cover everything from payroll process, compensation structure, work comp claims history and documentation to HR compliance, technology and your three-year growth plan, we’ll identify and prioritize your current and future requirements. Once we have an accurate assessment of your goals and which services you need, we’ll put our industry expertise and 50+ years of business experience to identify the best PEO companies that are licensed in your location and specialize in what you need.

Don’t forget to tune in for part 2 and 3 in the upcoming days. If you need immediate support or have specific questions regarding workers comp, contact PEO Advantage today at 877-636-9525.

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