Quick! Melt That Ice!

ice slips at workAs you’re probably well aware, most of the country is feeling pretty cold right now! In many states you’ll find ice and/or snow covering the roads, sidewalks, and stairs.

At your home you shovel and salt the steps and walkway for your family’s safety, but do you do the same for your employees at your place of employment? Same level slips, trips and falls are occupational hazards that can’t be ignored; these accidents occur nearly 4.0 million times each year! In fact, slip and fall claims continually make up 12-15% of all workers’ compensation claims.

Preventative Measures in the Workplace:

Preventing accidents in the workplace requires a combination of hazard identification and then correction. Have a Slip, Trip & Fall Handbook in the workplace for all property caretakers, managers, and business owners to review. A Slip, Trip & Fall Handbook will likely contain weather related strategies.

You’ll be surprised to see what the actual weather-specific hazards are – it’s not just ice covering the front walkway or stairs, but also melting snow and ice from employees’ boots and shoes that result in having slippery wet floors indoors.

If keeping the floors dry appears to be an ongoing battle, you may want to enforce a dress code (mainly a proper footwear code) to include shoes with a slip-resistant sole. For employees working outside, requiring a good work boot is advised.

If you currently work with a PEO, be sure to ask them what materials they have available covering OSHA-specific risk management and compliance. PEOs help protect employers from injuries, claims, costly fines, and lawsuits.

To learn more about workplace safety, visit our Safety Compliance section within the PEO Advantage Blog. For specific questions regarding accident prevention, contact our team at 877-636-9525.

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