PEO Advantages

Thousands of business owners enjoy PEO benefits. Why not you?

HR administration and employee management come with a laundry list of policies, liabilities and costs—things like insurance benefits, unemployment and workman’s comp—that are outside your core expertise. Plus HR takes valuable time away from focusing on strategic growth and exposes you to huge financial risk if not handled to the letter of the law. With more than 60 employment-related governmental regulations, compliance alone is a full-time job. That’s why thousands of business owners like you choose to hire a Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, to save time and money.

What is a Professional Employer Organization or PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, assumes and manages critical HR management and employment-related responsibilities including employee administration, compliance, unemployment and workers compensation claims, risk management, health benefits and payroll. Through a co-employment arrangement, you and the PEO contractually share employer responsibilities and liabilities.

PEO benefits for you as the employer include:

  • Save money—The right employees, best practices, reduced turnover, automation, compliance expertise and streamlined processes add up to huge savings.
  • Improve productivity and profitability—Specialized technology streamlines payroll, benefits and managing personnel data. Professionally written employee handbooks and policies translate into clear expectations and peak performance.
  • Reduce risk—Expert help with risk management and compliance including payroll, OSHA, EEOC and more protects you from costly fines and lawsuits.
  • Attract and retain top employees—Comprehensive benefits packages and recruiting assistance makes sure the right talent is hired and stays put.
  • More time to focus on growth—With payroll, workman’s comp claims, benefits and employee management under control you can finally put your growth plans in motion.

PEO benefits for your employees, too:

  • More robust benefits—Access to Fortune 500 quality health insurance packages plus previously unavailable benefits such as 401(k), Section 125 plan and Flexible Spending.
  • Streamlined payroll and claims processing—On-time and accurate payroll plus efficient claims processing through improvements in expertise and technology.
  • Improved job satisfaction—Clear expectations, easy-to-read handbooks and procedures, and professional assistance with employment-related issues makes work more fun.
  • Better communication—Improved access to payroll information, benefits, personnel data, vacation and sick time accrual plus up-to-date information on labor regulations, workers’ rights, worksite safety and more.
  • Increased protection—More employees receive statutory protection and there’s no loss of eligibility when moving from one PEO client to another.
  • Special perks—May have access to credit union membership, exclusive employee discounts and reduced rates on travel, entertainment and services.


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