Why PEO Advantage

PEO Advantage is more than a PEO broker—we’re your partner.

Finding the right PEO organization is a lot of work. Sure, some of the do-it-yourself sites automate a few steps, but you still need an experienced eye to spot the best choice. The fact is, most PEO brokers are more focused on quick commissions than what you really need and building a solid relationship.

The only PEO broker who guarantees to find you the perfect PEO organization, delivers an in-depth risk-free evaluation and consistently saves clients 25%.

PEO Advantage clients consistently save 25%—that’s proven performance you can count on. While the industry average PEO admin fee ranges from 3-5%, our client’s pay 1.5% or less, plus we have a 98% retention rate. How do we get such great results?

Most PEO brokers barely scratch the surface when it comes to understanding your HR needs and reviewing quotes. The experts at PEO Advantage roll up our sleeves and dig deep to identify and prioritize both your current and future requirements. We analyze everything from your payroll process, master policy health insurance, compliance and compensation to your workers compensation history and growth plans. Why growth plans? You need a PEO organization that’ll be there over the long-haul. While we have solid relationships with hundreds of the top PEOs across the country and pass on our wholesale savings to you, your satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why accountability is built into every step of the PEO Advantage process—even independent references from clients using the PEO organizations on the short list—so you can choose with confidence. Annual reviews make sure you continue to get the value you deserve and services year-after-year.

PEO Advantage’s streamlined yet comprehensive process includes in-depth analysis, our proprietary reverse auction RFP process, easy-to-read reports, side-by-side comparisons that clearly show value and savings, cost projections and expert recommendations. We take all the guesswork and hassle out of choosing the best PEO organization and give you everything you need to make an informed decision.

No other PEO broker finds you the right PEO organization—plus guarantees savings. Call 877-326-9060 or Get a Free Quote Online.