Workmans' Comp (We Know High Risk)

Is your cost of workers comp through the roof? Are your high-risk workers comp class codes demolishing your cash flow? Come to PEO Advantage for first-rate, affordable alternatives.

Do you run a construction, HVAC, plumbing, painting, roofing, trucking, manufacturing, staffing, landscaping or maintenance and cleaning business? How about an Assisted Living Facility or Home Health Care organization? Owning a risky business can severely stifle your cash flow largely due to the astronomical cost of workers comp. Maybe you’ve already been denied coverage by traditional carriers and resorted to a state pool, paying rates that can easily run up to 300% higher for high-risk workers comp class codes. The 50% down-payment and audits required with traditional insurance really cripple your cash flow. But without solid coverage, your chances of winning bids are slim to none. Given your line of work accidents are unavoidable, but you do have options for more affordable workers comp coverage.

High-risk workers comp class codes don’t have to injure your bottom line. Lower your cost of workers comp and re-claim profits with smart solutions from PEO Advantage.

PEO solutions offer every advantage when it comes to minimizing your cost of workers comp. For starters, there are no deposits or audits with convenient Pay-as-you-Go policies. Think of all the time you’ll have to focus on finding and servicing customers. Plus, you’ll see an immediate surge in your cash flow since your premium is based on actual wages during that pay period. Lower costs translate to more competitive bids and, ultimately, more sales and profit to infuse your bottom line.

PEO Advantage finds you the ideal PEO partner—one who’s already licensed with established work comp policies so you can add employees and provide proof of insurance immediately. And with the strength of the PEO behind you those high-risk workers comp class codes no longer have a negative impact of your insurability or costs. Not only will your cost of workers comp take a nosedive, your PEO files and track claims, makes sure claims are legit, manages safety reviews and OSHA compliance and offloads time-consuming documentation and reporting activities. They work on your behalf to get employees back to work as soon as possible while reducing your risk.

Stop the bleeding in your bottom line caused by the sky-high cost of workers comp. Call 877-326-9060 or Get a Free Quote Online for smart solutions that’ll put you on the road to recovery.