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SMILE! HR Solutions for Dentists!

July 25th, 2012

Are you a busy dentist or medical professional operating your own practice, but in over your head with human resources? Even with an HR professional or two on staff, managing human resources can be very overwhelming.

PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) are well aware that your employees are your greatest asset. They also understand how challenging human resources can be when you’re trying to run a profitable practice. Fortunately, finding the right PEO and HR solutions is easy with the help of PEO Advantage. Dentists, as well as other medical practices across the country rely on PEO Advantage for performance-driven, affordable PEO solutions that save them time, money and headaches.

Here are some common yet frustrating HR scenarios dentists often face …

  • Health insurance rates have increased again this year… what if I can no longer provide all employees with benefits? How will I attract and retain top employees?
  • Who is going to protect me and my practice in the event of a costly fine or employee lawsuit?
  • I need to focus on my practice and patients, but overseeing payroll each week is time consuming. So is employee administration!
  • I close my practice several times throughout the year to attend continuing education or trade association events. If the office is closed for several days, can this be designated as mandatory vacation time for employees? What about designating it as unpaid time off if an employee has already used their vacation time?
  • There are than 60 employment-related governmental regulations!?  Is my practice in compliance?!

Why not rest assured knowing that your practice’s payroll, workman’s comp claims, benefits and employee management are all under control? By partnering with a PEO, you can finally put your growth plans in motion. To hear more about the PEO relationship and HR outsourcing, directly from a dentist, we suggest reading this great article by Dr. Lorin Berland, DDS: Outsourcing Turns HR Nightmares.

Call us today or click here to request more information! Best of all, PEO Advantage will do all of the work to provide you with the facts you need to feel confident in making the best possible choice. We go beyond your basic requirements of today to find you a PEO that will change, evolve and help you realize your plans for the future.