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Workers Comp Solutions for North Carolina!

April 4th, 2012

If you own a roofing, trucking, manufacturing, staffing, landscaping, construction, HVAC, plumbing, painting, maintenance or cleaning business, you are probably well aware of the rising costs of workers’comp.  Owning a North Carolina business that is considered high risk can severely stifle your cash flow.

With insurer results weakening due to rising injury expenses, insurers are passing costs on to North Carolina employers of all sizes, with smaller employers feeling the greatest impact. High costs result from high state-regulated rates, and requirements for large down payments and audits. Traditional workers’ comp policies require up to 50% down payment which adversely impacts cash flow, and polices are audited annually to make sure that actual wages paid to employees per code were estimated accurately at the policy’s inception. A company whose policy was rated for less than actual wages will be forced to come out of pocket for the difference in a lump sum.

Given  your specific line of work, accidents unfortunately may be unavoidable, regardless of how much you protect your employees. But you do have options for more affordable workers’ comp coverage. Although rate increases are occurring, insurer competition remains a factor in pricing—and partnering with the PEO Advantage North Carolina branch in Holly Springs, will introduce extremely convenient employee leasing solutions to business owners in the Triangle and Triad areas.

We have access to hundreds of PEOs, additional workers’ comp carriers and all major medical and supplemental insurance carriers, and we are uniquely positioned to serve high risk accounts.  PEO Advantage North Carolina branch is helping high risk companies across the state reduce workers’ compensations costs and improve their cash flow. We even guarantee clients a minimum of 25% cost reduction.

Solutions delivered by PEO Advantage:

  • Pay as you go workers’ comp policies (no deposit, no audit, improved cash flow)
  • Up to 35% discounted rates with PEO Advantage
  • On time and on demand workers’ comp certification access
    • Since PEOs are already licensed and have established work comp policies in many states, a client can add employees and provide proof of insurance immediately
  • Claims review and administration
  • Workers’ comp billing reconciliation
  • Safety plan creation, administration and training
  • Safety audits and reviews
  • Report and document accidents
  • OSHA compliance

Don’t waste any more valuable time or money — many states are approving workers’ compensation rate increases this year and with PEO Advantage there are
no deposits or audits with convenient Pay-as-you-Go policies.

Call the PEO Advantage North Carolina office at 877-636-9525 or contact us today for a North Carolina PEO quote.

Need a North Carolina PEO? Welcome Holly Springs Branch!

March 14th, 2012

PEO Advantage has operated nationwide for years, but now, with its new North Carolina branch in Holly Springs, we’re introducing extremely convenient employee leasing solutions to business owners in the Triangle and Triad areas.

There are more than 800 PEOs across the country, and many of us prefer to support local business by entering an employee leasing agreement with a local PEO. But, even by narrowing down the number of PEOs to “local PEOs”, finding the perfect fit for your company still requires extensive work. Finding the perfect fit can involve a review of more than 200 company attributes, covering everything from payroll process, compensation structure, work comp claims history and documentation to HR compliance, technology and your three-year growth plan.

Collecting estimates on top of your already busy schedule can be time consuming and stressful.  With so many estimates from the many North Carolina PEOs, how will you know which one is priced at the most competitive rate and which exact attributes should you be using to evaluate the different options?

PEO Advantage offers the affordable and effective way to get FREE PEO quotes and find co-employment solutions you can count on. In all of our Plans,
(Basic, Business & Enterprise) we offer access to and review of the PEO Buyer’s Guide. And, with PEO Advantage representatives working right in Holly Springs, solid industry partnerships within the state of North Carolina, 50-plus years of experience, proprietary reverse auction RFP process, and expert negotiation skills, we can consistently save North Carolina clients up to 25% on their employee leasing solutions.

Benefits of Working with a Local PEO/Local Business:

  • Community well-being.
  • Keeping dollars within your local community!
  • Valuable face time with your PEO, which greatly reduces misunderstandings that can happen via email and phone.
  • Local providers are available for ongoing work and consultation.
  • A local provider has a thorough knowledge of your local market.
  • Local references that you can easily contact or may even know already.

Look to the experts in North Carolina employee leasing solutions!  Call the PEO Advantage office at 877-636-9525 or contact us today for a North Carolina PEO quote.