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Missed the Jan 1 Deadline? PEO Contracts CAN Begin Feb 1!

January 4th, 2013

You may have just missed the boat for a January 1 PEO contract, but contrary to common misapprehensions, you CAN easily begin a new PEO contract on February 1 versus waiting until January of next year.

Here are some common reasons for February 1 apprehension that we hear at PEO Advantage:

“My State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) and Federal Unemployment Tax periods restarted on January 1”

“I have already made January SUTA contributions and don’t want to be double taxed.” 

SUTA liability is different based on what state your business operates in, or more specifically, what state(s) your business has employees in. In some states where employers are taxed on just the first $7000 or $8000 in wages per employee like California and Florida, you very well may have already contributed to the state required maximum level.

But did you know that PEOs may be able to offer credits for taxes already paid? If you were interested in engaging a PEO just a few short months ago, why wait until next year to reap the many benefits? PEO Advantage clients save up to 25% a year on custom-fit HR solutions and there are 11 months left in 2013 to take advantage of this!

PEO Advantage manages the entire PEO selection process of securing quotes, making sure your requirements are crystal clear, and making sure you’re getting the best possible pricing.

Our team can negotiate credits on your behalf so that your options are still attractive, even if you’ve already made January 2013 tax contributions.

High Turnover in the Roofing Industry

April 30th, 2012

Last week, we discussed loss exposures and workers compensation insurance within the roofing industry, and how a PEO can offer cost-effective and safe alternatives for protecting yourself, and your employees.

Did you also know that the roofing industry has extremely high turnover, and that a PEO also offers assistance in reducing turnover?

Reasons for High Turnover in the Roofing Industry:

  • The work is often hot, exhausting, and dirty– many roofers do not stay on the job for long.
  • Weather affects the amount of work that can be done, and work is often seasonal – which affects the overall amount of money that can be made by each employee and/or contractor.

When it comes to push factors versus pull factors within your company, it’s often the push factors that outnumber the pull factors by 2-1 when it comes to an employee’s reason for leaving. In a working environment that is hot, exhausting and sometimes dirty, as an employer you need to provide really strong pull factors to ensure your best roofers stay put!

Employee Pull Factors Provided By PEOs:

  • Stronger Benefits– Access to Fortune 500 quality health insurance packages plus previously unavailable benefits such as 401(k), Section 125 plan and Flexible Spending.
  • Better Communication via an Employee Self Service portal-– Improved access to payroll information, benefits, personnel data, vacation and sick time accrual plus up-to-date information on labor regulations, workers’ rights, worksite safety and more.
  • Streamlined payroll and claims processing—On-time and accurate payroll plus efficient claims processing through improvements in expertise and technology.
  • Special perks—May have access to credit union membership, exclusive employee discounts and reduce rates on travel, entertainment and services.

For the business owner, PEOs also deliver best HR practices such as conducting an Exit Interview upon an employee’s departure. This crucial information can improve the workplace and prevent other roofers from leaving!

PEO Advantage can help you start turning things around today – before you encounter another employee’s costly departure.  We would love to hear from you!Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. To access a PEO Advantage professional immediately, call 877-636-9525.

Shopping for a PEO? Defining the Buyer’s Guide…

January 23rd, 2012

PEO Advantage offers the affordable and effective way to get FREE PEO quotes and find co-employment solutions you can count on. In all of our Plans, (Basic, Business & Enterprise) we offer access to and review  of the PEO Buyer’s Guide, as provided by the parent company FIRM Consulting Group. We work overtime to manage the Buyer’s Guide for you, and turn complex quotes into business intelligence so you can make the most well informed decision in selecting your best suited PEO partner .

The Buyer’s Guide is outlined as follows:   

  1. Compile a listing of your services and employee benefits requirements.
  2. Find PEOs that operate in your state and are licensed. Also find PEOs that are seeking your type of business.
  3. Notify qualified PEOs that you are seeking proposals. Provide each PEO with your list of requirements, benefits census and workers’ compensation claims history.
  4. Collect Proposals.
  5. Obtain References.
  6. Analyze, Evaluate and compare PEO proposals. Make your selection.


How PEO Advantage Manages the Process:

  1. Our evaluation reveals and prioritizes your current and future service requirements matching your company with only the PEOs that specialize in those service requirements.
  2. We match you with only PEOs that operate and are licensed in your locations. Our on-line matching process quickly identifies the PEOs that specialize in and understand your business. Hundreds of the nation’s top PEOs work with us.
  3. Our automated Request for Proposal (RFP) process provides your requirements to only the PEOs that meet your precise requirements. We provide automated distribution of your requirements and all pertinent data directly to each qualifying PEO, eliminating time spent responding to each data request.
  4. We assist in all coordination and follow through to quickly get competitive PEO proposals.
  5. We provide independent references from our base of clients who are using the PEOs you are considering.
  6. We compile all proposal data into a competitive analysis providing you with a side by side comparison of services and a full break down of all applicable costs. 


In addition to saving you time, money, and headaches by managing this process for you, you can’t lose with our PEO Fee Guarantee. If we don’t find you a PEO solution that saves you at least twice our analysis fess, your evaluation is on us.

Contact us today for more information on managing the Buyer’s Guide.