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Calling All Staffing Companies!

January 9th, 2012

Did you know that staffing companies and PEOs make great partners?   Few staffing companies are human resources professionals—they’ve got their own specialized and profitable services to focus on! PEOs help unload increasingly demanding governmental compliance issues, employee issues, administration and headaches. And, staffing companies truly understand the benefits of outsourcing; they are after all a provider of outsourced services themselves.

So, what particuarly makes Staffing Companies and PEOs such a great fit? Well, for starters, workers compensation insurance: if you work within a high risk industry, you know very well about the astronomical costs of workers comp. Without solid coverage, staffing companies’ chances of winning bids are slim to none– but there is such thing as affordable insurance.

PEOs offer every advantage when it comes to minimizing your cost of workers comp, and there are no deposits or audits with convenient Pay-as-you-Go policies.  PEO Advantage can find you the ideal PEO partner—one who’s already licensed with established work comp policies so you can add employees and provide proof of insurance immediately . If a staffing company has clients who cross state lines, a PEO becomes an even stronger partner for the following reasons:

  1. Immediate access to work comp certification in any state.  Without a PEO the company would have to establish a new policy in each state where they intend to expand.
  2. Payroll taxes are assessed by some municipalities, most states and the federal government.  Making sure that deductions are taken accurately and employer taxes paid timely are critical for compliance.


Imagine a world where you could be relieved of such responsibilities, dedicating time back to working on revenue producing tasks.  PEOs offer on-time and accurate payroll, plus efficient claims processing through improvements in expertise and technology. Also, State Unemployment Taxes range from state to state and PEOs with established business entities in all states often have lower rates than those assigned to new business startups.  Classifying employees with the PEO can provide instant savings.

And last but not least, reduced rates on employee benefits plans. PEO Advantage, particularly, has wholesale access to over 100 nationwide PEOs, and all major medical and supplemental insurance carriers. Make more time to focus on growth, by partnering with a PEO—With payroll, workman’s comp claims, benefits and employee management under control you can finally put your growth plans in motion, and PEO Advantage can help you select the perfect fit. We’re the only PEO broker who will guarantee its clients a minimum of 25% cost reduction, too.

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